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ALM Lighting Parts & Service

If your hotel or business lighting controls are malfunctioning, count on LEK Lighting Control Systems, for parts and service on ALM dimming control systems. Contact us for a quote on an upgrade or a new system.

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In-House Repair & Service
If you have an existing ALM DIMMING CONTROL SYSTEMS that are in need of service or repair. Contact us with the problem. For us to better service you please provide job serial numbers or project drawing numbers. You can also E-mail a picture of the part if you don't have the serial number.

All new parts are in stock and ready to ship today. If you have something that need repair, we provide expert service on your EXISTING ALM dimming control systems. You won't find more parts or better service on your EXISTING ALM dimming control system anywhere else.

Upgrade Your Aging Systems
Replacing aging parts is the perfect way to upgrade your older system, without having to replace the entire system.

You'll receive an on-site assessment to review your existing ALM lighting and dimming system, in order to determine the best approach, within your budget, for refurbishing, upgrading, or replacement. If you choose a brand new system, we will recommend the best type for your needs.

Contact us today for a quote on parts or a system upgrade.