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ALM Dimming Control Systems

At LEK Lighting Control Systems you'll find exceptional parts, repair, and service on your EXISTING ALM dimming control systems.

Better to Fix Than Replace
Your EXISTING dimming equipment may cost you more money with limited features and functions. Extend the life of your EXISTING ALM dimming control systems by letting us provide new parts for your system. If repairs are needed, let us know what you need and we will provide repairs.

Huge Inventory of Parts
All parts are in stock and ready to ship. Whether you need control stations, control device programs, or other hard to find parts, we have them in stock.

About LEK Lighting Control Systems
We provide parts and service on ALM lighting control systems. You will find the same great service to keep your ALM dimming systems functioning perfectly. Call us at (630) 351-0195.

LEK Lighting Control Systems is a sales and service organization that can provide assistance to you in solving the problems of your EXISTING ALM DIMMING CONTROL SYSTEMS in the following categories:

1. On Site Service to check out and repair your existing ALM dimming Systems.
2. In House Repairs of wide variety of dimmer and control modules.
3. Hard to find obsolete parts to service your existing aging ALM dimming equipment.
4. Renovation, to enhance the performance of your existing dimming systems. This approach offers a cost effective way to upgrade aging dimming systems.
5. Consulting Engineering Service for both new and aging dimming systems in Hotel Ballrooms, Meeting Rooms, Restaurants, Bar/Lounge and Social Halls etc.. We will visit your facility and walk-through with you to review your existing lighting/dimming control systems to determine the approaches and budget cost for refurbishing, upgrading or replacement. A written overall evaulation with your present needs and requirement will be provided.
6. Sales of new dimming systems with your requirement of overall functionality.

Your existing Lighting/Dimming equipment may cost you more money to keep working with limited features and functions to service yor clients than it would to implement one of the above aopproaches.

Please fell free to contact us regarding the solution to your existing ALM Lighting/Dimming system problems.
We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you in the near future.

Contact us for parts and service on your EXISTING ALM dimming control system.